Spring Meeting Recap: #CTE in 140 Characters

twitterLast week, NASDCTEc held its annual Spring Meeting in Washington, D.C. The meeting’s full sessions and lively debate spilled onto Twitter, where participants turned in repeated feats of brevity (unlike this sentence) to sum up the meeting’s lively panel discussions and Q & A in 140 characters or fewer with #ctespringmtg. Thanks to everyone who attended, sponsored, wrote, blogged, tweeted and otherwise engaged with NASDCTEc (@careertech and facebook.com/NASDCTEc) to make last week’s meeting one to remember!

The following are some of the top tweets from this year’s meeting:

NASDCTEc @CTEWorks:  Timm Boettcher of @IWNC_DC: need to change image of varied career options (many of which #cte prepares students for) #ctespringmtg

Glynis O’Leary ‏@GOlearyNYC: “Nothing is as important to national security as education.” – Congressman Jim Langevin, D-RI #ctespringmtg

Nebraska Career Ed ‏@NECareerEd: Career & Technical Education can help resolve the shortage of skilled workers for H3 careers. #CTESpringMtg @CTEWorks

@CTEWorks Fascinating idea! Why aren’t there biz/industry reps required to be on higher ed accrediting boards? Bergeron from @EdProgress #ctespringmtg

NASBE ‏@NASBE: MT @CTEWorks: Takeaway from state associations panel w / @CCSSO @NASBE @NatlGovsAssoc – increased focus on state #cte policy! #ctespringmtg

Business Roundtable ‏@BizRoundtable: @CTEWorks: @dlinn1 from @BizRoundtable: #careerteched needs to be given more credibility, needs to take on more leadership #ctespringmtg

Sean Lynch ACTE ‏@CTEMedia: Joining @CTEWorks for their #ctespringmtg today – excited to learn about how we can partner to make #careerteched work for all students!

NASDCTEc ‏@CTEWorks: Asst Sec Uvin: our work must be responsive, both to labor market needs and to local/state innovation. #CTESpringMtg

Timmothy Boettcher ‏@timmboettcher: #ctespringmtg great discussion on competency based education – anyone have a great example of how to apply this to work based learning?

NOCTI ‏@NOCTI1: Congressman Glenn Thompson R-PA receives Star of Education Award and thanks CTE directors for preparing students for future. #CTESpringMtg

Workforce DQC ‏@WorkforceDQC: Excited to attend & present today at #CTESpringMtg. Great to start the day hearing about aligning postsec w/labor market

Nebraska Career Ed ‏@NECareerEd: STEM skills are in demand well beyond STEM occupations. #CTESpringMtg

NOCTI ‏@NOCTI1: Great morning filled with good conversation surrounding federal funding and Perkins. #CTESpringMtg

NASDCTEc ‏@CTEWorks: OCTAE’s Sharon Miller and our own Kim Green reflect on Dr. Dann-Messier’s work to strengthen CTE. #CTESpringMtg pic.twitter.com/WqQhq3tBTU

NASDCTEc ‏@CTEWorks: .@usedgov‘s Brenda Dann-Messier helping to kick off our #ctespringmtg pic.twitter.com/lmD7UhJpKP

See you this summer!

Evan Williamson, Communications Associate


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