Obama Visits Georgia Technical College to Unveil $6 Billion Energy-Saving Proposal

President Barack Obama visited Savannah Technical College in Savannah, Georgia today where he toured the college and spoke to students participating in the Savannah YouthBuild program, which puts at-risk students through a combined GED/construction program. After the tour, the president announced a $6 billion proposal to help retrofit homes to save energy. The goal of the plan is to reduce energy usage by at least 20 percent.

Under the “Home Star” plan, homeowners would receive rebates of $1,000 or more to upgrade windows, doors heating, air conditioning, roofing and other household features. White House officials said that the administration hopes 2 million to 3 million homes will be retrofitted under the proposal. The proposal could potentially create thousands of jobs for unemployed workers hit hard by the recession. Obama wants the program included in a jobs package being drafted by Congress.

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