NASDCTEc Concludes Spring Meeting, Embarks on New Vision

Vision signedNASDCTEc wrapped up a momentous Spring Meeting this week and kicked off its new vision with the support of members, partners, and, in particular, the Office of Vocational and Adult Education. While the campaign to gain support for and implement the vision has just started, the momentum brought on by the discussions and brainstorm sessions will likely only increase as efforts move forward.

OVAE Assistant Secretary Brenda Dann-Messier called NASDCTEc’s new vision document, Reflect, Transform, Lead: A New Vision for CTE, an “extraordinary step forward.”Brenda

“I pledge to you whatever I can to help this vision become a reality,” she said.

A range of OVAE officials expressed their support, noting the potential the value they recognize CTE has in a range of legislation and policies outside of Perkins. That includes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Workforce Investment Act and the Race to the Top Fund. The sentiments reflect NASDCTEc’s new vision, which broadens the scope of CTE’s reach and more clearly connects CTE with college and career readiness – a topic that is present in nearly all education efforts. Clearly, we have the potential for a mutually-rewarding relationship.

WorkingAnd work is already underway. During the meeting, State Directors and partners participated in working sessions to create plans to implement the new vision in their state or within their organizations. NASDCTEc is in the process of developing a comprehensive plan that will lead our organization to successfully achieving the aspirations of our new vision. This is just the beginning.

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