Advance CTE Fall Meeting Sponsor Blog: PMIEF & The Big Picture of Project Management

This post is written by PMIEF, a Platinum Level sponsor of the 2018 Advance CTE Fall Meeting.

Reengineering the Learning Experience

Across the globe, there’s a widening gap between employers’ need for key skills and the availability of professionals to fulfill those needs. A strategic mindset is the most desired yet, hardest-to-find skill among employers. Given recent changes in the economy, we need to ask how schools organize learning to support new economic realities and encourage deeper learning outcomes. Are students:

  • Learning how to utilize their own interests and passions to grow their skills? 
  • Mastering core academic content that is relevant to the challenges of their future careers?
  • Collaborating with others; learning complex skills and behaviors needed to successfully complete projects likely encountered in college, universities, and especially in the workplace?

Most young people will manage projects every day for the rest of their personal and professional lives. Applying project management methodology in the classroom offers students rich opportunities to learn how to manage and lead effective projects, hone a variety of essential 21st century skills, apply these skills to deepen their subject-matter knowledge, and reduce the talent gap.

If we want to empower the millions of students for whom college is not a given or those without access to a quality education, then consider project management and the big picture: projects aren’t the big picture or an end result – they’re part of the picture itself and project management provides a standard framework for consistently doing projects well.

To learn more about changing the way children learn, live, and plan for the future through the knowledge and application of project management, visit PMI’s Educational Foundation (PMIEF)or visit our booth at the 2018 Advance CTE Fall Meeting.

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