Welcoming Erskine Glover to New Jersey

Erskine Glover started as New Jersey’s Director, Office of Career Readiness, in early 2020 and has already visited several school districts in the state to visit with administrators, instructors and learners to see how CTE is working for New Jersey. Erskine brings a breadth and depth of educational experience with him to this new position, having served as an educator in northern New Jersey for 24 years including as an assistant superintendent for a couple of years, school administrator for 14 years, and teacher for eight years. Erskine has spent the majority of his career in the K-8 landscape.  

Erskine has a passion for preparing current and future instructors for their roles as educators. He has supported their professional development, including helping to promote practices that support the emotional capital of educators for long-term careers, an issue that is prevalent during COVID-19. Additionally, Erskine has helped educators in delivering more project-based and blended learning education. While working for Newark Public Schools, the largest school district in the state, Erskine tapped into his systems thinking and systems design skill set to develop a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) pathway for elementary school students that connected to the Career Technical Education (CTE) options at the district’s high schools, providing learners with early exposure to STEM while also setting them up for a seamless pathway throughout their education.

Looking ahead, Erskine is excited to work on partnerships between schools and industry, and to spark interest in CTE in younger learners. He is interested in using data to influence the delivery of high-quality and in-demand CTE across the state, as well as to promote equity in New Jersey’s CTE system.   

When Erskine is not working, he coaches youth soccer (he’s been coaching the same team for five years!) and practices sports photography for multiple outdoor sports. 

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