Webinar to Focus on Common Core Standards

NASDCTEc Webinar: CTE and Common Core Standards

We all know that today’s jobs require different skills, our society is more mobile than ever, and we need to remain globally competitive.

Gene Wilhoit, Executive Director of the Council of Chief State School Officers, and Dane Linn, Director, Education Division of the National Governor’s Association Center for Best Practices, will share a way to address these challenges:  for states to adopt common core standards. When common core standards are combined with career technical education, students are prepared to succeed in college and work, where their expectations are consistent across states, and stakeholders such as parents, educators are provided with clear focused guideposts.

Attendees: registration now   When: May 27 at 3 p.m. Eastern time

Event number is: 204 936 185 Password is: core 

This event will be recorded and available on our website after the webinar.

An additional resource to this webinar is NASDCTE’s one-pager, “CTE and Common Core Standards”, now available at www.careertech.org/show/publications.

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