Welcome Ruth Durkee to Advance CTE!

Ruth Durkee – Vermont’s newest State CTE Director – has a robust background in education in various roles at the local and state levels. A graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School, Ruth previously worked as the state’s Agency of Education’s Civil Rights Coordinator in the early 2000s. Ruth then worked as a career technical center administrator for 15 years, giving her valuable experience to bring to her new role. Ruth will now serve in dual roles for the Vermont Agency of Education as the State CTE Director and Methods of Administration (MOA) Coordinator.

In Vermont’s state plan for the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V), the state focuses on defining credentials of value and increasing industry-recognized credential attainment. While looking towards Perkins V implementation, Ruth plans to focus deeply on the state’s work in improving program quality as well as attending to equity and access for each learner. Her impressive background will lend itself well in
strengthening Vermont’s state and local systems through developing and implementing effective policy.

Another area that Ruth plans to lean in on is aligning Vermont’s CTE programs to state recommended graduation proficiencies, which currently vary at the local level. The goal is to ensure that every learner in each region of the state has their CTE work equitably and consistently transcripted and credited as meeting graduation requirements.

Ruth loves to travel, but while that is not possible, she is channeling her wanderlust desire by getting lost in mysteries and historical fiction novels. Her favorite places to be at the moment are nestled by the fire with a great read in hand or walking through the woods and fields near her home.

Welcome Ruth!

Learn more about Vermont’s state CTE system here.

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