NASDCTEc Joins the Data Quality Campaign

DQC logoNASDCTEc recently joined the Data Quality Campaign (DQC) as an endorsing partner. The DQC is comprised of organizations that work together to encourage and support state policymakers to improve the collection, availability and use of high quality education data.  The DQC also conducts an annual survey that measures states’ progress towards building and implementing the DQC’s 10 essential elements of a longitudinal data system.

Shortly after joining, NASDCTEc was asked to take part in the Workforce Advisory Group, which will help provide expertise and counsel to the DQC Partners as they develop tools, resources, and messages to inform state policymaker efforts to link education and workforce data. The group will meet quarterly over the next 18 months and provide input on how to best educate policymakers on the importance of linking education and workforce data and to assist states with their work in linking systems.

To get more information on the work that the DQC is doing, you can sign up for their bi-monthly newsletter here:

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