ICW: States Spur Reform to Vie for Race to the Top Funds

The June 1 deadline for states to apply for the next phase of Race to the Top is approaching and states are implementing policy reforms with the ambition to strengthen their applications, according to a recent Institute for Competitive Workforce article.

The ICW, a nonprofit affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, offers a state by state snapshot of the 38 states that submitted letters of intent to vie for their share of the $4 billion pot.  ICW predicts that the number of states who make it to the application finishing line will likely be lower, but did note the significant moves some states have been making to develop a competitive application for this round.

For example, in Maryland, Gov. O’Malley passed a new education reform law, which requires student to growth be a significant factor in teacher evaluations. The State superintendent has since pushed for half of those evaluations to be based on student progress, according to ICW. In Hawaii, officials are considering easing charter school restrictions.

Whether states’ efforts will win them funds to enact even greater changes will be clearer after the June 1 deadline.

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