University Aims to Connect Student Experience with Career Services

Recognizing the need to build a strong pipeline for students, a University of Pennsylvania business school has merged the oversight of its admissions director who recruits students and the career-services officer who helps guide those students as they enter the work world, according to The Chronicle of Education.

For the first time at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, a single person has been selected as new deputy vice dean for M.B.A. admissions, financial aid, and career management. J.J. Cutler, the deputy vice dean, is an alumni and former executive and part-time recruiter for Johnson & Johnson. His assignment breaks the traditional model in which university systems’ typically hand off students from their classes to career life services, Cutler said in the article.

The restructuring may signal the start of a new trend in postsecondary institutions, which have been creating more incentives to link the education that they provide with the ability for students to secure a job in the competitive workforce.

At the University of Pennsylvania, Cutler said he plans to develop “some continuity in the life cycle of the student experience.”

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