Cummings to Resign from OVAE

The U.S. Decummings_lgpartment of Education has officially confirmed the resignation of Glenn Cummings, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE). Cummings leaves ED to join Good Will-Hinckley Home for Boys & Girls in Maine, as the new president and executive director.

Good Will-Hinckley is an organization providing a home and support to underprivileged adolescents in Maine. Traditionally, this organization works to help youth facing academic, social, behavioral, and emotional challenges.

In a recent statement released by Good Will-Hinckley, Cummings said, “I was honored to be part of an administration that is 100 percent committed to making education work for every student in this country, no matter the student’s background or the obstacles he or she faces.”

While his official last day has not yet been released, the statement from Good Will-Hinckley notes that Cummings will assume his responsibilities with their organization this September.

Appointed to his position at OVAE in April 2009, Cummings manages a $1.9 annual budget that works to improve adult education, access to community colleges and career training for K-12. Prior to his work with OVAE, Cummings acted as the dean of institutional advancement at Southern Maine Community College and was the Speaker of the House for the Maine House of Representatives.


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