NASDCTEc Welcomes Dr. Kathy D’Antoni as New State Director of West Virginia

Kathy DAntoniNASDCTEc wishes to welcome Kathy D’Antoni as State Director of West Virginia. Dr. D’Antoni moved into her new role upon the retirement of Dr. Stanley Hopkins, who served for many years.  Dr. D’Antoni was recently named the Assistant State Superintendent of Schools, Division of Technical, Adult and Institutional Education with the West Virginia Department of Education.  Dr. D’Antoni has a wealth of knowledge and strong presence within the career technical education community. She was formerly the Vice Chancellor of the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education. She obtained her doctorate degree from West Virginia University in Higher Education Administration.  Dr. D’Antoni began her career in education as a teacher.  In 1975, she left the education field to participate in a family owned business in Myrtle Beach, SC.  She returned to education in 1992 and worked with the Tech Prep initiative at Marshall University and later as the State Director for Tech Prep.  She served as interim president of West Virginia State Community and Technical College in 2008. 

 Dr. D’Antoni has worked extensively with curriculum alignment and curriculum development projects.  She is the past president of the National Association for Tech Prep Leaders and sits on the advisory board for the League of Innovation’s SAIL initiative and Marshall University’s teacher education program.  Currently, she is chair of the Seamless Education Committee for West Virginia’s Vision Shared initiative. 

 Dr. D’Antoni has also been named to oversee the area of Institutional Education Programs at the state level, which led to the renaming of West Virginia’s Division within the Department of Education to the Division of Technical, Adult and Institutional Education. Please welcome Dr. D’Antoni to our organization. She can be reached at


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