Education Jobs Fund Applications Available Now

The Department of Education is now accepting applications from State governors for funding under the Education Jobs program, which provides $10 billion in assistance to States to save or create education jobs for the 2010-2011 school year. Jobs funded under this program include those that provide educational and related services for early childhood, elementary, and secondary education.

The Education Jobs Fund requires that school districts use the funds to pay the salaries and benefits of teachers, school administrators, and other essential staff. The funds can be used to recall or rehire former employees, retain existing employees, and hire new employees to ensure that students receive vital educational and related services. These funds may not be used for general administrative expenses, overhead, or other support services by school districts.

The deadline to submit the application is September 9, 2010. The Department anticipates awarding funds within two weeks of submission of applications. You may submit comments or questions about the program to

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