NASDCTEc Fall Meeting: Levers of Change

During a workshop session facilitated by Langdon Morris of Innovation Labs, Fall Meeting attendees learned about the “levers of change” though a series of case studies aimed at highlighting how companies have transformed their brand, their strategies and their vision. Lessons learned at this session were translated to how State Directors and the CTE community can transform CTE by putting the new vision, Reflect, Transform, Lead, into action as attendees worked together in small groups.

One of the takeaways from this session was that failure is not always a bad thing because the faster you fail, the quicker you can reach success.

We also learned that the closer you get to changing a system, the harder it pushes back. Therefore, each movement, company or organization needs three players to make change happen:

  • Creative Genius – this person asks questions that lead to breakthroughs and innovation, and help turn these ideas into action
  • Innovation Champion – he or she encourages risk taking and experimenting; serves as the bridge between strategy and the innovation process.
  • Leader – a leader will move the organization towards change by influencing the system and supporting innovation.

These three players must work together in order for change to happen. Who serves in these roles in your organization?

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