NAEP Data: Students Make Modest Gains

High school seniors have made modest gains in reading and math since 2005, according to results in the most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress (known as the Nation’s Report card). However, most students, about “62 percent of children leave high school without the necessary reading and comprehension skills required to be college- or career-ready,” according to a Nov. 19 Education Daily article.

The recent data report arrives at a critical time as education stakeholders are seeking ways to identify strategies to prepare students for college and career readiness as they leave high school. The average score in math rose three points since 2005 on a 300-point scale. The average national reading score rose two points since 2005 on a 500-point scale, but that average score was lower than in 1992, according to National Center for Education Statistics.

The data underscores the persistence the education community requires in order to prepare all students for college and career readiness.


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