How To Develop a Statewide Program of Study: 5 States Model Process

Career technical education (CTE) is dedicated to preparing students to succeed in life and work.  However, exactly how CTE programs prepare students vary and consequently so do students’ levels of success. To encourage consistency and offer the best learning experiences for students, some states are spearheading efforts to build systems structured by commonly-defined programs of study (POS).

NASDCTEc has been following five states over the last year as they work to answer the question: what is the best way for our state to develop a statewide model POS?

The National Research Center for CTE, the Academy for Education Development, MPR Associates and NASDCTEc, collaborated to provide technical support for states working toward statewide implementation of POS. Those states are Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio and Oregon. Through multiple interviews with team leads and facilitators and attendance at major meetings, NASDCTEc has compiled the following report:

Developing a Statewide Model Program of Study: Five States Share Insights.

The report begins by outlining the overall shared process the states went through. It goes on to highlight each particular state and their achievements, challenges, what worked, and their insights on how to bring together an effective team.

We hope you will find this report to shine a light on some of the speed-bumps that can obscure your path as you work on POS in your own state, as well as provide examples of how to be successful in developing a statewide model POS.

Upcoming webinar:

We will host a webinar on this theme at 3 p.m. on March 8th. Team leads Brian Durham (IL), John Pritchett (GA) and Tom Thompson (OR) will be with us to illuminate the statewide POS development process by giving a behind-the-scenes look at one of their milestone achievements. Register now!

Don’t miss this opportunity and this opportunity to learn from those who have already begun the development of a statewide model POS.

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