House Introduces Short Term CR to Avoid Government Shutdown

On Friday the House Appropriations Committee unveiled a short term continuing resolution (CR) that, if passed by the Senate and signed by the President, would fund the government until March 18, allowing time for a compromise to be reached on a longer term funding bill. Passage of this CR will prevent a government shut down that could otherwise occur on March 4. The CR contains funding to allow government agencies and programs to continue operating at current spending levels for the next two weeks, except for several programs that will be terminated or cut.

These cuts and eliminations total $4 billion in spending reductions, however, Tech Prep is not one of the programs targeted for cuts in this bill. While this is significant, and shows that the advocacy efforts of the CTE community are making an impact, the fight is not over. This bill buys Congress additional time to work out a compromise, but Republicans in the House remained committed to deep cuts, of which Tech Prep could still be one.

Please continue to call your Members of Congress to urge them not to cut Perkins Tech Prep funding!

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