Senate Passes CR, Tech Prep Safe For Now

This morning the Senate passed H.J. Res. 44, a short term continuing resolution that will fund the government until March 18. The House and Senate now have two additional weeks to work out a compromise on a longer term funding bill.

The bill funds most programs at current FY10 levels, but there were $4 billion in cuts. Tech Prep is not one of the programs cut in this bill, but Section 117 of Perkins, Tribally Controlled Postsecondary Vocational Institutions, was cut. This program awards grants to eligible tribally controlled postsecondary CTE institutions to provide basic support for the education and training of Native American students in CTE programs and for institutional support of tribally controlled postsecondary career and technical institutions.

While the maintenance of Tech Prep funding in this bill is an achievement, and shows that the advocacy efforts of the CTE community are making a difference, the fight is not over. This bill buys Congress additional time to work out a compromise, but Republicans in the House remained committed to deep cuts, of which Tech Prep could still be one. If we stop the fight now, Congress will not think Tech Prep and Perkins funding are important to their constituents or understand the affect these programs have on their state and district.

Please continue the great advocacy work you have been doing:

  • Call your Members of Congress to urge them not to cut Perkins Tech Prep funding
  • Send achievement and placement data, student stories, and best practices to your Members of Congress
  • Invite your Members of Congress to visit a CTE program in their state or district to see first-hand the impact of CTE and Tech Prep
  • Contact the media in your city or town to let them know the devastating impact cuts to Perkins will have on students and the local economy

This work could truly make a difference!

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