Leaders Call for Curriculum That Link Standards to Achievement

Education, business, and policy leaders are calling for curriculum that will help teachers prepare students to meet Common Core State Standards. The “Call for Common Content” states that a core curriculum should build a bridge from standards to achievement.

“To be clear, by ‘curriculum’ we mean a coherent, sequential set of guidelines in the core academic disciplines, specifying the content knowledge and skills that all students are expected to learn, over time, in a thoughtful progression across the grades. We do not mean performance standards, textbook offerings, daily lesson plans, or rigid pedagogical prescriptions.”

Indeed, the progression of the Common Core movement will certainly inform the CTE community as it moves toward its revalidation of the Career Clusters Knowledge and Skills Statements. The development of high-standard and consistent CTE programs are a top priority for CTE leaders, who must also balance common goals with the importance of state flexibility.

The Albert Shanker Institute is spearheading the Call for Common Content, which organizations and individuals may add their name online.

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