Job Opportunities, Living Wage Harder to Secure for Individuals Who do not go to College

The U.S. Labor Department reported that employers added about 190,000 jobs in March, which overall is good news for the nation. However, those who have not secured postsecondary education will have a more difficult time securing a job that will provide them with a living wage, according to a recent New York Times article.

The article focuses primarily on the levels of income people must earn to sustain a living above the poverty line, however it does underscore the growing importance of preparing students for college and career — a primary objective of CTE.

“Given the needs of a more cognitive and more versatile labor force,” said Cliff Waldman, an economist at the Manufacturers Alliance, a trade group, said in the article.  “I’m afraid that those that don’t have the education are going to be part of a structural unemployment story.”

Individuals who only have earned a high school degree have are not doing well during these early stages of the nation’s economic recovery. Between 2008 and February, the gap in unemployment rates more than doubled between individuals who only earned a high school diploma and those with at least a four-year college degree.

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