House Passes FY12 Budget Resolution

On Friday the House passed their FY12 budget resolution by a vote of 235-193. The resolution proposes to set non-security discretionary spending below 2008 levels and freeze it for five years. The budget resolution also seeks to save $4 trillion over ten years through cuts and changes to Medicare, Medicaid, other entitlement programs and discretionary programs.

The budget resolution sets spending levels for each appropriations subcommittee to use when determining funding individual programs. The resolution sets spending for Department of Education programs at $360 billion, which is the same as the FY06 level. It is clear that the House is serious about cutting spending, and it is likely that most federal programs will be once again touched by cuts in FY12.

However, the budget resolution, much like the President’s budget, is a blueprint that outlines the House budget priorities. It does not have the force of law, and does not have to be agreed upon by the Senate. Because Congress is on recess for two weeks, now is a critical time to reach out to Members while there are in their home states and districts. Contact from constituents goes a long way in making our message more personal, and will help foster relationships with their offices. You can schedule visits with Members or their staff, invite them to visit CTE programs in your state, and send them data and information on best practices in their state.

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