NASDCTEc, CTE advocates launch CTE: Learning that Works for America campaign

Members of NASDCTEc this week launched its CTE: Learning that Works for America campaign. The effort, which is being led by a growing number of CTE advocates — ranging from State Directors to business and industry, to CTSOs, and to other advocates — aims to showcase high-quality CTE that prepares students for the demands of the global economy.

The campaign kicks off at a critical time in which officials such as Education Secretary Arne Duncan have challenged the CTE community to prove its value and the positive impact programs make on student outcomes.

CTE: Learning that Works for America underscores the value of CTE to a broad array of stakeholders, including students, parents, educators, business and industry, and policymakers. The campaign puts in a clear voice a unified message about the success CTE programs across the nation have demonstrated through low high school dropout rates, above-average college-going rates and evidence of return on investment, and more. NASDCTEc aims to help mobilize and strengthen the CTE community with this campaign. Further, the initiative pushes forward NASDCTEc’s mission to deliver quality, consistent CTE that prepares all students for college and career.

In the coming weeks, NASDCTEc will launch a new website, which will include more resources for the CTE community to mobilize the campaign.


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