Culinary Arts, Video Production and Engineering Featured in Elective Programming Presentation in New Jersey

Mr. David Tankard, High School Assistant Vice Principal and Supervisor of Business & Applied Technology and Family Consumer Science, Westwood Regional School District in New Jersey, presented on the status of the district’s elective programming such as Culinary Arts, Video Productions and Engineering at a recent Board of Education Meeting.

According to the Westwood-Washington Township Patch, Tankard called electives “career paths or opportunities for success,” and said that they provide students with a wide range of experiences, and insights into future careers. The school is shaking up its elective offerings “to better serve district students,” Tankard said, and as part of this will make some programs such as “engineering, computer animation and robotics” available to younger students. Among the curriculum offerings in the District:

  • Applied technology-biotechnology, including a capstone seminar designed for students who are interested in applying for admission to engineering or architecture programs post-high school
  • Digital media
  • Fashion Design
  • Culinary Arts
  • Business-including courses in Business Practice Firm, Web Design, Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship

The Westwood Regional School District serves the Borough of Westwood (population 10,400) and the Township of Washington (population 9,800).  These two communities are located approximately fifteen miles northwest of midtown Manhattan.

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation (please give this large file time to download)


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