Perkins Cut Impacts Resonating in Media

Last week, a New York Times article highlighting career technical education (CTE) brought to light the impacts funding cuts could have on programs that effectively prepare students for college and career. Seemingly, the blogosphere and local media are catching wind of this significant issue. This may be an opportunity for the CTE community to call attention to how these budget cuts are felt on the ground.

The FY11 funding bill cut $140.2 million from Perkins, including completely eliminating funding for Tech Prep and cutting Basic State Grants by $37.3 million. These cuts may disable programs that have results in preparing students for college and career – the very objectives the nation are working to achieve.

In Maryland, The Gazette, features an article: State losing 15 percent of career education grants, Maryland worries about impact on job market. The Gazette hones in on Thomas Edison High School of Technology in Silver Spring, which partners with the community college system to offer a comprehensive program in which students may earn a national Automotive Service Excellence certificate. The successful program may be in danger, according to the article.

Kathy Oliver, the Assistant State Superintendent for Career and College Readiness at the Maryland State Department of Education told The Gazette that the funding cuts conflict with efforts to boost the nation’s economy.

“It’s a huge blow, and I’m somewhat perplexed why the administration, why the Congress, would take this action now when we know that one of the big issues to re-enegizing our economy is jobs,” Oliver said.

In the business and industry world, an article in at Sustainable Plant, an online publication and resource dedicated to advancing the sustainability of manufacturing, called on its community to support programs like CTE that help fuel the economy.

“More realize that if we’re going to keep a strong economy, it must have a strong feeder system. This is your chance to garner the influence and support you need to advance your operations. I hope that you can take advantage of this precious window of opportunity,” the article said.

How will budget cuts impact your CTE program’s ability to prepare students to succeed, and help cultivate a competitive workforce? Reach out to your local media today and tell your story.

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