Fall Meeting Sponsor Highlight: National Research Center for Career Technical Education

To show our appreciation to our Fall Meeting Sponsors (Gold Level and up), we are sharing their news with you.

NRCCTE presentations, workshops, and technical assistance updates

The National Research Center for Career Technical Education (NRCCTE) is presenting and conducting workshops at the 2011 NASDCTEc Fall Meeting – NRCCTE director Dr. Jim Stone and deputy director Pradeep Kotamraju will be participating in a Program Quality panel and Data workshops at the 2011 NASDCTEc Fall meeting on October 24-26, 2011. The NRCCTE is also a sponsor of the event. If you are attending, please check out Dr. Stone’s panel and visit Drs. Stone and Kotamraju at their presentations on October 25.
How Does CTE Affect Student Engagement? Learn more in Oscar Aliaga’s Stats-DC NCES Data Conference Presentation – Oscar Aliaga, the NRCCTE’s Program Director, presented “Using National Databases for Research on Career and Technical Education” at the 2011 Stats-DC NCES Data Conference on July 28th, 2011. Download his presentation (PDF).

NRCCTE Technical Assistance Updates: Catch up on all the news from the NRCCTE’s Math-in-CTE and Literacy-in-CTE implementations around the country in the latest edition (September 2011) of the Technical Assistance Newsletter.

Oregon Launches Literacy-in-CTE: Oregon became the first state to launch a full implementation of the Literacy-in-CTE curriculum integration model. At Oregon’s summer professional development session, 26 teachers and administrators and 11 English/Language Arts teachers received training on 12 literacy strategies. Pictured: Travis Park, NRCCTE facilitator, explains literacy strategies.

Utah North Part of Statewide Curriculum Integration Plan: After a year of successful implementation, Utah is expanding the Math-in-CTE model to a regional format that spans the entire state. Three regions (North, South, and Salt Lake City) are all working with NRCCTE facilitators to enhance the math in the FACS curriculum. A number of teachers and administrators used their experience from the 2010-2011 implementation to serve as local facilitators. Pictured: Math educator Jennifer Tanner (at left) and FACS teacher Gail Ferrin work to complete their lesson plan for a large group presentation.

Ramona Schescke, Member Services Manager

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