Education Talk Radio Spotlights CTE: Learning that works for America â„¢ Initiative

Education Talk Radio shined a light on NASDCTEc’s CTE: Learning that works for America ™ campaign initiative on a recent show this week.  The show’s focus on the campaign provided opportunities for CTE advocates to not only address the awareness campaign, but the CTE issues related to college and career readiness, consistent quality programs and economic vitality.

NASDCTEc Executive Director Kimberly Green noted that the campaign is about more than communicating the value of CTE. The campaign, she said, is a communication of the CTE community’s commitment to cultivating clear and high standards for quality programs.

Lolita Hall, State Director at Office of Career and Technical Education Services Virginia Department of Education, is supporting the national initiative by leading the campaign in Virginia. She said the messaging of CTE:  Learning that works for America ™ resonates across all audiences.

“CTE is new and is transforming and we have solutions to help people get back to work,” Hall said. “We know that is something on everyone’s mind.”

“We see a need to elevate the value of CTE with our local school districts across the state, our citizens, our parents, our student, [and] with everyone.”

Download the 39-minute radio show; share it with others or post it on your Web site.

Erin Uy, Communications and Marketing Manager.

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