New Democrat Coalition Releases ESEA Framework

The New Democrat Coalition, a group of moderate members of the House, released a framework for the reauthorization of ESEA. The framework stresses the need for a comprehensive approach to reauthorization, calling well-educated students “the foundation for a strong workforce, globally competitive businesses, and sustainable economic growth.”

Some of the principles outlined in the framework that are relevant to CTE include:

  • Access to a quality, well-rounded education for all students
    • Ensure that students have access to a wide range of classes that contribute to school engagement and academic achievement, such as social studies, service learning, career and technical education, art, music, physical education and health education.
  • High school graduates who are well-prepared for college and jobs in the global economy
    • Emphasize the need for challenging and relevant coursework, including science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects, as well as global competence, international education, problem-solving, creativity, teamwork and communication.
    • Modernize and improve the quality of standards, assessment systems and data collection to accurately measure and improve the academic progress of each student toward college and career readiness.
    • Support programs that provide students access to rigorous and advanced coursework, including in higher education settings.
    • Reduce high school dropout rates and re-engage students who have dropped out or are at risk of dropping out through programs that have proven to increase student attendance, academic counseling, credit recovery in a college and career ready course or study and ensure that all schools are safe learning environments for all students.
  • Outstanding educator is in the classroom of every student
    • Support and develop the next generation of inspirational math and science teachers to make America’s students competitive in the STEM fields that are vital for a thriving workforce in the global economy.
  • Innovative and creative approaches that improve student learning
    • Encourage non-traditional, innovative partnerships to improve student achievement outcomes and leverage public dollars through responsible and transparent public-private partnerships, school-community partnerships, private-sector led research programs and partnerships with colleges.

“These principles will guide us in promoting best practices learned from schools, including charter and magnet schools, and replicate in other schools for positive outcomes. We need to encourage non-traditional approaches to education, such as partnerships with the private sector, to encourage innovation in education. We then need to find successful ways to disseminate this information to discover innovative ways to improve educator effectiveness for better student outcomes.” said Rep. Susan Davis (CA), New Democrat Education Task Force Co-Chair.

Nancy Conneely, Public Policy Manager


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