Mike Rowe Promotes Skills Training in New Video

Television star and skills training advocate, Mike Rowe, released a new short video to draw attention to the country’s shortage of qualified workers in some vital fields.

While attaining higher education is a positive goal for some, Rowe said there are options for high school graduates who aren’t college-bound. He stated that this focus on “college for all” exacerbates the skills gap and devalues jobs such as welding and plumbing that are critical and rewarding occupations. There are shortages in these areas, Rowe said, because we don’t encourage students to pursue them.

“We’re so focused on getting into the corner office, we forgot how to build a corner office,” he said.

Career Technical Education (CTE) offers students an opportunity to attain knowledge and skills required to succeed in the workforce or further education. Through career pathways, CTE students take rigorous coursework, often including work-based experiences and dual enrollment courses, and acquire valuable skills to help them succeed after high school whether or not they choose to pursue postsecondary education.

View Mike Rowe’s latest video here.

Kara Herbertson, Education Policy Analyst 

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