Study Shows Most States Have Capacity to Provide High School Feedback Reports

Nearly all states have the capacity to provide high schools with information on graduates’ postsecondary progress, according to new data released by the Data Quality Campaign (DQC).

DQC, a Washington-based non-profit organization, reported that forty-nine states have the capacity to match K-12 student records with those of public postsecondary education systems. Of those states, thirty-nine currently provide high schools with feedback reports to show how former students fare in postsecondary education. The feedback reports include student information on topics like college enrollment (33 states), remediation (28 states), and degree completion (14 states).

With a nationwide focus on preparing college- and career-ready students, specific feedback is especially critical to high schools as they work to improve programs and student outcomes.

According to DQC, states are positioned better than locals to access and analyze this information, and report it back to stakeholders. States leading the way in this process include Kentucky, Hawaii, Indiana, and Washington.

For more information, view this DQC one-pager on providing high schools with feedback.

Kara Herbertson, Education Policy Analyst

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