CTE Video on Utah CTE Web Site Gives Students the Edge

Career and Technical Education: Giving Students the Edge is a 90-second video on Utah’s CTE Web site that shows how Career Technical Education gives students the ‘edge’ they need to have a satisfying career.

The Utah Web site also shares their CTE Mission: to provide all students a seamless education system, from public education to post-secondary education, driven by a Student Education Occupation Plan (SEOP), through competency-based instruction, culminating in essential life skills, certified occupational skills, and meaningful employment.

Utah also has a presence on YouTube, called Utah CTE Colleges and Schools, where you can view videos ranging from specific programs that are featured, to adult education, and even includes a video called ‘Powerful Recent Research’ from a presentation by NASDCTEc Executive Director Kimberly Green.

Mary Shumway is the State Director of Utah.

Ramona Schescke, Member Services Manager

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