CTE in the News: Maine Governor Proposes Expansion of CTE, Education Reform

As part of a string of education proposals intended to provide the broadest scope of opportunities for students, Maine Gov. Paul LePage’s is pitching a plan to enhance Career Technical Education (CTE), according to a recent Morning Sentinel article.

The governor’s proposed legislation calls for better articulation between CTE Centers, and high schools and community colleges, to ensure that students earn academic credits and workforce credentials that are transferable. His CTE proposal is outlined as follows:

An Act to Enhance Career and Technical Education

  • Requires school districts that share a common Career and Technical center to develop a common school calendar with no more than five dissimilar days.
  • Ensures that the academic credits students earn while attending classes at Career and Technical centers are recognized by their home high schools.
  • Establishes a process whereby the Maine Community College System will review state and nationally certified programs at the Career and Technical centers and determine the amount of transferrable college credit students can earn by successfully completing them.

The legislation suggests that the governor recognizes how CTE can serve as a pipeline for high school students as they enter college and for college students as they step into the workforce, which has heightened standards for higher education and nationally portable credential.

Erin Uy, Communications and Marketing Manager

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