CTE in the News: Career-Tech Important Program in Real World

As Tennessee moves forward with its strategies to bolster education and workforce development, successful CTE programs should continue to play a key role in the state’s efforts, said Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey in a recent editorial featured in the Tennessean.

“For Tennessee to stay one of the most attractive economic engines in the Southeast, we must leave a place at the table for CTE,” Ramsey said.

In the last year, a total of 398,695 Tennessee students were enrolled in CTE courses, Ramsey noted. Further, over the last six years, CTE concentrators graduated at a higher percentage than the school-age population and CTE concentrators scored higher average averages in math and well as in reading and writing. The data comes from a new report by the Council for CTE.

Despite CTE’s demonstration of success, Ramsey said CTE programs have not received an influx of state funds in nearly 30 years. When making fiscal decisions during these tough economic times, it hopefully is apparent among most state leaders that an investment in CTE would provide the returns Tennessee needs.

Erin Uy, Communications & Marketing Manager

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