Tribute to Pioneer in Career Technical Education Dr. Byrl Shoemaker

Dr. Byrl Shoemaker passed away March 1, 2012 at the age of 93. Dr. Shoemaker was a major contributor to education, including the development of the system of Career Technical Education Programs in Ohio; the development of the two-year Post High School Technician Education Centers that have grown into the system of Community Colleges over Ohio state; and the development and implementation of a system of certifying automotive repair training programs that meet standards set by the automotive industry at the national level.

The Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education stated that “Dr. Shoemaker, along with Governor Jim Rhodes, was the architect of the CTE system that we have in Ohio. His vision and passion for CTE was unmatched. He was an avid supporter of CTE, attending functions and advocating for CTE every chance he could.”

Dr. Shoemaker was a former State Director, Division of Vocational and Adult Education, Ohio Department of Education, Columbus, OH from1962 until his retirement in 1982.

In an article from the Ohio Department of Education-Career Technical Education Web site that describes a presentation given to Dr. Shoemaker honoring his service to Career Technical Education, an excerpt states that “He worked closely with Governor James Rhodes in the movement to establish 49 joint vocational school districts throughout the state. As a result of his efforts, hundreds of thousands of youth and adults have had the opportunity to prepare for a life of productive employment and financial independence. In addition to his work to establish joint vocational school districts throughout the state, he was instrumental in the adoption of vocational school operating standards, which assured access to a comprehensive program of vocational education for 11th- and 12th grade students. Ohio was the first state in the nation to adopt such vocational education standards.”

NASDCTEc recognizes the achievements of this remarkable individual who dedicated his career to promote Career Technical Education across the nation.

Dr. Shoemaker Obituary

Ramona Schescke, Member Services Manager

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