Benefits of Early Career Mapping for All Students

In a recent webinar from Education Week, “Improving Student Engagement through Early Career Mapping,” experts discussed the benefits of personalized learning tools to helping students create pathways to their long-term goals.

View the webinar here.

Personalized learning plans provide students with opportunities to identify postsecondary goals, explore college and career options, and develop skills necessary for regulated learning. These tools help drive students’ self and career exploration, and career planning and management. Learning plans are linked to improved motivation and engagement, improved understanding of postsecondary options, and greater alignment between course selection and career goals.

In their vision for CTE, State Directors of CTE support policies that require all students to have a personalized learning plan that clearly maps out a comprehensive strategy to achieve their education and career goals. This strategy is ingrained in CTE, where students are given opportunities to explore myriad career possibilities and have access to comprehensive career planning that empowers them to plan and prepare for career and educational choices.

Kara Herbertson, Education Policy Analyst



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