Democrats Support Career Academies and Technical Training in Party Platform

This week in Charlotte, the Democrats released their party’s platform which outlines how their policies will help America out-education, out-innovate and out-build the rest of the world. As we reported last week, the Republican party’s platform included their support for CTE at the secondary and postsecondary levels. The Democrats also voiced their support for secondary CTE, saying that they would “continue to strengthen all our schools and work to expand public school options for low-income youth, including magnet schools, charter schools, teacher-led schools, and career academies.”

At the postsecondary level, Democrats called for greater access to higher education and technical training. To that end, the party supports the following proposals that would improve the skills of students and adult workers:

  •  increase the number of partnerships between businesses and community colleges to train two million additional workers with the skills they need for good-paying jobs;
  • support apprenticeship programs;
  • double investments in science education, encourage private sector innovation, and prepare at least 100,000 math and science teachers over the next decade.

Nancy Conneely, Public Policy Manager

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