Cisco Networking Academy and Cisco NetSpace Support Students

This blog, in coordination with the NASDCTEc Fall Meeting, is provided by one of our sponsors. Our guest blog organization being highlighted today is Cisco Networking Academy.

For 15 years, the Cisco Networking Academy has been partnering with education institutions and governments to equip students for the ICT workforce with an innovative education program that is comprehensive and free to nonprofit institutions. Using technology, hands on activities, simulations and gaming students build 21st century skills, both soft and technical. The program provides a community of support for instructors that includes on-line resources, best practice sharing and professional development. Courses are taught in high schools, community colleges and universities around the world to prepare students for higher education, careers and industry recognized certifications. The program also aligns to U.S. education standards, helping institutions meet STEM, Common Core and grant requirements.

Networking Academy recently announced the new learning platform, Cisco NetSpaceâ„¢ to better support of instructors and students. This interactive learning environment combines best-of-breed SaaS applications for teaching, learning, and collaboration, all driven by community needs and the latest educational models, trends, and best practices. You can learn more about how Cisco is using innovative technology to support education with the overview in your attendee bag at the event.

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Together, we can change the way we learn!

Ramona Schescke, Member Services Manager

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