Business Roundtable Report Launch

The Business Roundtable today released a report which holds an interesting and welcome recommendation for Career Technical Education (CTE). The report, titled It’s Time To Act For America’s Future, sets out the policy measures they would like to see in place to bring America back on track to fiscal stability. Their recommendations are in areas ranging from housing to energy to Corporate Tax, but most pertinent to CTE is the section which focuses on measures to create a skilled and prepared workforce. One of the recommendations calls on the government to:

“Revamp the Carl D. Perkins Act to ensure equitable access to high-quality career and technical programs that are guided by rigorous standards that are aligned with employer needs and prepare students for success in postsecondary education and careers”.

It’s a good thing so many groups are paying attention to such an important issue, and I hope you enjoy reading the report which can be found here.

David Beckett
Advocacy Manager

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