Career Clusters® Institute Series: Online Resources are Rich in Content

The 2013 National Career Clusters® Institute was held June 10-12 in Fort Worth Texas, and resources are now available on our Web site Institute resources page. Primarily Power Points and handouts, the resources highlight the presenters’ sessions. There are many resources available for viewing.

Several resources were provided by one of our presenters Gregg Christensen, Entrepreneurship and Career Education Specialist at the Nebraska Department of Education. Nebraska’s State Director is Rich Katt, who is leading several innovative initiatives in Nebraska, including the development and growth of collaboration programs such as the ones described below in Gregg’s session.

Gregg’s session includes links to some of his resources, giving you examples of the rich content available on our resources page.Print

Session: Building Strategic Alliances with Business/Industry, Workforce Development and Economic Development

Bringing together key partners to achieve buy-in, support and advocacy for important Career Technical Education initiatives and projects has never been more crucial.  But, there must be a win-win dynamic in place and their investment of time, energy and resources must be respected at every stage.  This session will share best practices for building strategic alliances with diverse groups.  Participants will review examples and outcomes of collaborative work that has taken place in Nebraska including the Nebraska Standards for Career Ready Practice, Career Readiness Modules, Professional Development Modules, H3 Website, Preparation for Tomorrow Food and Nutritional Sciences project and others.

Gregg highlighted the Nebraska Career Education Web site, and shared the resource Nebraska Workforce System Model, showing partnership groups. Gregg shared these resources and several others from this session; they are available on our resources page.

Ramona Schescke, Member Services Manager



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