National Association of State Directors of Career
Technical Education Consortium (NASDCTEc)

Fall Meeting Recap: Top Tweets

Last week, NASDCTEc held its annual Fall Meeting, its first ever since joining Twitter. Below are some of the top tweets from the meeting, where participants joined the conversation using #CTEFallMtg

NASDCTEc @CTEWorks: 1st full day of #ctefallmtg with sessions on #eddata, #ccss, comp-based ed, @PARCCPlace@SmarterBalanced, #PerkinsCTE#careerteched & more!

NOCTI @NOCTI1: OECD report shows US post-sec system is diverse, flexible & responsive. Need more balance of quality, coherence & transparency. #CTEFallMtg

Academic Benchmarks @AcadBenchmarks: #ctefallmtg Excellent discussion of the realities of assessing career and college readiness. Next up: competency-based education.

NASDCTEc @CTEWorks:  Checkout from @DECAInc @SkillsUSA @NationalTSA
@nationalffa FBLA_National @NationalHOSA @National_BPA @NationalFCCLA @young_educators

NOCTI @NOCTI1: NOCTI is a NASDCTEc All Star Sponsor! We are big fans of CTE, recognizing its importance to our economy! #CTEFallMtg

Academic Benchmarks @AcadBenchmarks: #ctefallmtg Great presentation by Russ Weikle from CA DOE on integrating CTE standards into #CommonCore-arts,media,entertainment,and trades!

NASDCTEc @CTEWorks: Great resources from @WisconsinDPI on disc literacy and the #ccss… #ctefallmtg

Dan Brown @DanBrownTeacher: Career and technical education today is not your father’s vo-tech. Relevant, engaging, real-world learning. Readiness for life. #CTEFallMtg

NASDCTEc @CTEWorks: See the smallest pie of the funding pie? That’s all of our federal funding for education#ctefallmtg

NASDCTEc @CTEWorks: Thank you @Certiport for your Diamond Level sponsorship! #ctefallmtg

Certiport @Certiport: @CTEWorks Thanks for allowing us to participate! We too believe in the value of #careerteched in helping students to succeed! #ctefallmtg

NASDCTEc @CTEWorks: Thanks to @Gradcast a diamond level sponsor of #ctefallmtg

NASDCTEc @CTEWorks: We’re very proud to announce the release of “State of #careerteched: An Analysis of State CTE Standards” #ctefallmtg

Academic Benchmarks @AcadBenchmarks: #ctefallmtg @CTEWorks 1st ever analysis of state approves standards for secondary and postsecondary CTE!

John Fischer @fischer_vt: #ctefallmtg NASDCTE Executive Director Kim Green introduces Common Career Tech Core

NASDCTEc @CTEWorks: #careerteched needs to be for all students.” @IBM‘s Maura Banta. Amen! #ctefallmtg

Academic Benchmarks @AcadBenchmarks: #ctefallmtg @CTEWorks @SkillsUSA @IBM @actecareertech @MeridianTech One of the best panels of the conference!

Tim Hodges @TimHodges402: @fischer_vt with brilliant #ctefallmtg closing statement that should be obvious:  “postsecondary” doesn’t always mean traditional higher ed. #readybyexit #multiplepathways

NASDCTEc @CTEWorks: Big day for @CTEWorks! Released report on state CTE standards, closed our #ctefallmtg &hit 200 followers on Twitter!

PARCC Place @PARCCPlace: Thanks for having us & @SmarterBalanced yesterday @CTEWorks! Great questions from your state leaders. #askPARCC

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