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Jobs report shows lows and bright spots across sectors

Friday, December 14th, 2012

There are millions fewer jobs than there were before the recession and some job sectors yet to show promising signs of recovery, however there are bright spots, according a recent NPR report.

In last month’s jobs report, the United States gained 146,000 jobs last month. Sectors such as the health care have grown steadily throughout the recession and the recovery. Since January 2008, health care has gained 1.3 million jobs.

Sectors such as leisure and hospitality or professional services, experienced a drop in the number of jobs during the recession, but have recovered many of those jobs. Also, private education has made a slight, but steady increase.

Other sectors are showing slower signs of recovery. Construction and manufacturing sectors are still fighting to make gains. Construction is down 2 million jobs, and manufacturing is down 1.8 million. The two sectors make up most of the 4 million total jobs lost since the start of the recession, according to NPR.

Visit NPR’s article to view a graphic that breaks down job gains and losses by sector.

Erin Uy, Communications and Marketing Manager

By Erin in News
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