OVAE Continues “Community Conversations” on CTE

During NASDCTEc’s Fall Meeting in October 2010, OVAE kicked off their “Community Conversation” listening sessions on CTE and Perkins. Since that first listening session, OVAE has hosted six other sessions throughout the country, getting feedback from stakeholders on the following questions:

  • How can states and local programs better prepare students for college (without the need for remediation) and careers?
  • What has been your experience in implementing programs of study [career pathways] and what actions need to be taken to further support their availability and effectiveness for students?
  • What partnerships have you formed to implement your programs of study and what supports should be provided to continue and expand those relationships?
  • How do you measure your student’s success, particularly as it relates to college and career readiness, and what information (data) do you need to better track and improve program outcomes?

The next two sessions are scheduled to take place in Pennsylvania and Missouri. More information and notes from each session can be found here. You may also provide comments via e-mail at CTEconversations@ed.gov.

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