National Career Clustersâ„¢ Institute Update: NBC News Chief Education Correspondent to Speak at Institute

We are pleased to announce that Rehema Ellis of NBC News will provide thought-provoking, inspirational remarks at the 2012 National Career Clustersâ„¢ Institute’s closing Keynote Session on June 20.

With a 25 percent dropout rate nationwide and a rising number of students needing remedial education once they get to college, many would refer to this as a crisis. No longer are poor scores in reading, writing and mathematics the problem of one school or division. Academic success means economic success and the more educated the people are, the more prepared the country will be to compete globally.

How does Career Technical Education, with the Career Clusters™ framework as an essential tool, add to this success? Across the United States and abroad, Ms. Ellis will share what she views as “working” in the education system.


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Ramona Schescke, Member Services Manager


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