You Haven’t Yet Made Your Flight Plans for the NASDCTEc Spring Meeting? Do It Now.

Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

The NASDCTEc annual Spring Meeting here in the D.C. area is from March 29-31, 2010, which happens to be at the same time as the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. According to the National Park Service, the 2010 National Cherry Blossom Festival is scheduled for March 27-April 11. The festival is “one of the more heavily attended annual events in Washington, D.C., with hundreds of thousands of visitors expected.” What does this mean? You and a gazillion other folks will be competing for plane seats at the same time. Our staff and the Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE) staff encourage you to book your flights now if you haven’t already. If you want to bookend your D.C. visit with a trip to see the blossoms, visit for more information.


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