Achieving Excellence: Integrating Common Core Standards into Engaging Problem Based Learning Projects

Integrating CCSS into CTE

Below is an extended session description from presenter John Schwan, Business Instructor and Adjunct Professor at Oakton Community College, on his upcoming session at Achieving Excellence in CTE, the National Career Clusters Institute. Sign up for this session and more today!

Maine East High School’s business education programs have focused on the development and implementation of problem based learning strategies. The foundation of these strategies has been the integration of common core standards combined with the building of business education partnerships.

This upcoming session will focus on how CTE educators can use problem based learning strategies that are based on common core standards to drive the development of business - education partnerships in the private and public sectors.  The session will also show how these strategies can be successfully replicated by CTE educators.

The session will share a template for a CTE problem based learning curriculum based on common core standards.  He will demonstrate how this curriculum was used to successfully engage their students (grades 9-12) in higher levels of learning backed by data and evidence. He will show how CTE educators can replicate these ideas to drive the development of business – education partnerships in the private and public sectors.

There will be several interactive and collaborative activities during the session where participants will apply the concepts and tools presented in the presentation. As part of these collaborative activities, participants will be asked to share how they would use these concepts and tools in their CTE programs at their schools.

You can view an example of the Maine East CTE problem based learning strategies that will presented in the presentation at

Mr. John Schwan, Business Instructor, Adjunct Professor of Business at Oakton Community College

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