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“The soft skills that I developed through participating in CTE have helped make me feel confident in whatever challenge lies ahead of me because I know I have the skillset behind me to pave my way forward.” – EB Bollendock, Project Coordinator, Syncroness, CTE Alum

Watch this video and hear why students, instructors, and business leaders value career technical education in Colorado.


The Board of Regents unanimously passed the Nevada Foster Care Fee Waiver initiative

This initiative allows students who have aged out of the foster care system to register for credits without registration fees. It will begin in January and include a mentorship program for participants. Nevada is the 29th state to implement a foster care waiver.

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Report: Apprenticeship and the Future of Nursing – An Equity-Based Strategy to Address the Bachelor’s Degree Gap

Registered nurses have grown to nearly three million workers in the U.S. today and healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries. However, the report notes that one-third of registered nurses do not have a bachelor’s degree. In 2010, the Institute of Medicine proclaimed a goal of having 80 percent of RNs with a bachelor’s degree by 2020. This report focuses on an apprenticeship program that is working to remove the barriers that prevent nurses from going back to school to pursue their bachelor’s degree. One barrier is being able to take classes and work full-time. Another barrier is the cost of tuition.

This report is offering apprenticeship programs focuses on the Fairview Health Services partnership with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) Registered Apprenticeship program for nurses seeking to earn bachelor’s degrees. Benefits of this program include being employed throughout the program and being given time from work to attend classes.

One point made in the report is these programs help to create equity and that employer tuition reimbursement is not enough of a strategy to close attainment gaps.

The recommendations provided to increase high-quality nursing apprenticeships offered include:

  • Convene key stakeholders to discuss registered aprenticeships,
  • Create targeted grant programs,
  • Partner with institutions of higher education to ensure quality and drive down tuition

Read the full report here.

Nicole Howard, Communciations Associate

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