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As more students are deciding to continue their education at postsecondary institutions, the need for financial aid continues to increase. There are numerous ways for students to obtain financial aid ranging from federal, state, and local loans and grants, as well as private scholarship funds.

Understanding the need for more resources, the state of Alabama, through the use of the federal College Access Challenge Grant (CACG), has created a website that gives parents and students access to Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) resources. The website, www.alcareerinfo.org, provides information for students to plan for the future, for parents to help their child plan for success and for educators to help guide stALCAREERINFO Websiteudent achievement.

Other information that can be found at this website includes:

  • Information on completing the FASFA form
  • Student Career Interest Inventories
  • Copies of the Alabama Success Guides
  • Videos from On The Job TV
  • Career Discovery activities
  • FAFSA tutorials
  • Financial literacy resources
  • Links to eCampusTours.com, Scholarships.com, Studentaid.ed.gov, College.gov, and much more.

This information is pertinent to CTE students who wish to further their education as there are numerous financial aid and scholarship opportunities specifically for those enrolled in CTE programs. To learn more about this website and the opportunities it provides please visit the website at www.alcareerinfo.org.

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