Alaska Develops Action Plan for New CTE

Recognizing the link between education and career readiness, heads of Alaska’s education and workforce development systems published in August a joint call to action report that pledges their intent to improve CTE.

Alaska’s Education & Early Development, and Labor and Workforce Development departments, and the University of Alaska teamed to develop the Alaska Career and Technical Education Plan, their strategy to prepare students to be lifelong learners who can contribute to and succeed in their economy. Most significant is the plan’s assertion that it proposes a CTE system that is not a separate ‘track’ designed for students who are not college bound. “The CTE system described in the plan ensures that all students – whatever their ultimate career goals – have the employability skills that are necessary for success in life as well as employment.”

Alaska’s plan consists of a set of strategies and action statements, which include:

  • Make transitions planned and accountable for both successful student progress and systemic cooperation.
  • Align curricula and all training institutions to meet current industry standards – including academic, professional and technical skills – from elementary through professional development levels.
  • Identify and promote CTE delivery models that ensure students have the knowledge and skills needed for further training and careers.

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