Meet NASDCTEc Secretary-Treasurer Marie Barry of New Jersey

In order for our members to know the individuals who serve them at the national level, NASDCTEc is presenting a blog series called “Meet Your Board Members;” today we are featuring Secretary-Treasurer Ms. Marie Barry, from New Jersey.

Ms. Barry is currently director of the Office of Career and Technical Education at the New Jersey Department of Education.  In this capacity she administers all activities and plans related to the Carl D. Perkins Education Improvement Act and serves as the state director for career and technical education for secondary and postsecondary CTE programs.  She is also a member of the department’s cross-divisional team addressing secondary education transformation, and, specifically, provides leadership for the pilot program on the development of personalized student learning plans.

Ms. Barry has served in various capacities at the NJ Department of Education since 1999.  She has coordinated the High Schools That Work Initiative, administered initiatives related to career development and school counseling and coordinates with workforce development entities to promote articulation between education, the business and labor communities and other stakeholders.  During her tenure in the NJ DOE, Ms. Barry has also been responsible for the administration of programs related to career and technical student organizations.  She served as the liaison with the office of Special Education on issues related to developing plans and policies to promote the successful transition of special education students under the School-to-Work initiative.   

Ms. Barry currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association for State Directors in Career and Technical Education Consortium and serves as the State Director liaison to the FFA and ACTE Board of Directors.   In the past she has also served on the executive committee of the National Association for Workforce Improvement and the New Jersey School Counselor Association. She represents the Commissioner on the State Employment and Training Commission and the Governors School Board of Overseers.

Prior to joining the department, Ms. Barry worked as a career counselor and specialist where she served youth and adults in the community. She designed programs to address the varied career development needs of students, the entering workforce, displaced workers and incumbent workers.  She is a certified school counselor, a national certified counselor and a certified rehabilitation counselor.  Ms Barry holds a Bachelors degree from Rutgers University and a Masters in Education from Seton Hall University.

In reflecting on her office, Ms. Barry stated “It is an honor to be serving in this leadership position in such a critical time for career and technical education.  It is my goal to enhance the awareness of the potential of CTE to positively impact on our entire educational system.  To do this, it is imperative that we focus on evidence and outcomes that demonstrate success and strengthen our collaboration with our multiple partners in education and workforce development.  With the launch of the new vision, State Directors across the nation have a unique opportunity to elevate CTE to a new level and promote it as a vehicle for success for all students.”

We thank Ms. Barry for sharing her personal insight and goals for our organization. She can be reached at


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