The Spring Meeting Career Clusters Update Shared by Dean Folkers, NASDCTEc Deputy Director Included Nationwide Effort to Revise the Career Cluster Knowledge & Skill Statements to Align with the Common Core

Dean opened the session by informing attendees to register for the upcoming 9th National Career Clusters Institute, which will be June 20-22, 2011 in Atlanta, GA. With the theme “A world of career options – one simple framework”  the Institute will have many exciting, timely and relevant breakouts, speakers and will provide opportunities for attendees to share promising practices and learn what’s new regarding Career Cluster Implementation across the nation. Dean also shared an inside peek at the new website revision, along with new products available to promote and enhance instruction at the local level.

Dean shared a key vital project underway, the revision of the Career Cluster knowledge and skills statements, including the steps of the process which will eventually provide a common basis for assessment across all programs of study that will link to the common core, which, once completed, can be utilized nationwide. He presented a call for subject matter experts, vital in the movement of this effort. If you would like to learn more, please contact Dean Folkers at

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