The New York Times: Tough Calculus as Technical Schools Face Deep Cuts

In spite of President Obama’s goals to raise students’ readiness for college and career, the federal government has cut funding to career technical education (CTE), programs that have demonstrated impact on improving students’ achievement in those specific areas, according to a recent New York Times article.

The article, written by Motoko Rich, provides an overview of the positive impacts CTE has made on reducing dropout rates, leading students to credential attainment, and linking students to high-demand jobs and preparing. It goes on to highlight the 20 percent reduction in the Education Department’s fiscal 2012 budget for CTE, to a little more than $1 billion, even in light of an increase to overall education funding by 11 percent.

The clear challenge ahead will be proving to the Education Department, which has lauded quality CTE programs for their success in student achievement, that these “islands of excellence” are more plentiful than they believe, and are worth the investment.

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